Piano Action Repair & Overhaul

Piano Action Repair, Renovation and Regulation.

Due to extensive experience in piano repairs, I can offer a comprehensive service in the repair refurbishment and regulation of your piano action. After many years of service, a piano movement will invariably need work to the piano hammer felts; action centres, action leathers, and springs ect.

If you are thinking of having your piano action repaired or overhauled, I can offer the following services.

  • Replacement of Piano Tapes
  • Re-centring of Action Centres
  • Replacement of Piano Springs
  • Piano felt and leather renewal.
  • Piano re-felting, Piano hammer replacement and hammer re-facing.
  • Complete Piano Action overhaul.
  • Piano Key Covering replacement
  • Piano Action adjustment and regulation.
  • Piano Toning/Voicing.
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